Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it snowing where you are?

If not, can I come visit you?


I'm not in a good mood. Actually, I'm in a pretty low mood. I will get past it. God will see me through. Until such time as I'm in a better mood--or have something decent to say, I'm going to share a poem here...that I didn't write. and a short story I wrote for a writing prompt at my writing group a while ago. The story had to be exactly 69 words and the theme was chocolate. Enjoy.

This first one reflects my mood today and is not the one I wrote.

But Not Today
a poem by Brenda Neal

SometimesI can let go of the past
a past locked behind the doors
of painful memories.
But not today.

I can accept the reality
that is me
and journey headlong
into the unknown.
But not today.
Today change comes hard.
I wear my feelingson my sleeve,
and nothing seems right.

I feel I can
weather anything
tackle anything
do anything.
But not today

The Thief
copyright Vicky Klindt 2007

I sat in the rain watching as the thief snuck into my kitchen. Ransacking the drawers, turning over the contents of my refrigerator, standing on a chair to reach the top shelf of the panty. He found that which I prized the most!

Going quietly around to the front door and inside I caught him!

My husband! My stash of chocolates!

The betrayal nearly broke my heart in two.



  1. No Snow...but sleet for two days. I'd take the snow any day over this mess. I'm starting to get cabin fever.

  2. Yeah, ok...you can have the sleet...I'll stay here.